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Pleasing your wife is every husband’s goal, but it’s not really easy to achieve. There are those simple things you do to her that matter a lot. It starts from your care, to your gifts and even your attention Your Wife Love You. Thegreentrend has some of these and we have shared them to you.

To start with, do you remember how you guys started? At first you were always calling her, trying everything possible e to make her happy because her joy was yours. The relationship was still fresh. As time went on, you both became so used to each other and the relationship wasn’t as bubbling as the early times, then you stopped caring much. You came to know her faults and failures, and that even gave you more reasons to stop caring the more.

However, it should never be overlooked that a happy home is built on each other’s happiness. It is the duty of the husband to make the wife happy, and the wife’s to make the husband happy. There is however some times when the man is clogged down with some responsibilities of like that he seems to stop caring.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show her that you care, do those little things that show your love and you will see a bubbling relationship.

  • Always listen to her: It doesn’t matter what she’s saying, you should always listen to your wife. Make her know that you really are interested in her words, and she’s her words. She will have every reason to love you better. In the other side, if you don’t show her that you care, then probably she will also neglect your own words. It’s a game of one.
  • Make sure to compliment her often: You should not see her in a new haircut or clothing before complementing her, her every little action worth your compliments. Show her that you care by complementing her often. She will be happier.
  • Tell her that you love her: It’s so easy to forget that you once told her that you loved her when you were dating and she becomes too casual, but that’s uncalled for. Make her know that you love her always and do those things you already known her to love from time. Every single actions matter.
  • Always be right behind her: If she knows that you’re always supporting her, then it’s a step up to a happier and more honest marriage. Show her that you always got her back and watch her being happy for you.
  • Be patient with her: Men are always good at rushing, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Your little patience matters a lot.
  • Always show her respect: Don’t make her look too casual as not to worth your respect again, it is uncalled for.
  • Be honest with her: If you are doing anything with her, sincerity is a must. She will still find out if you lie.
  • Take her on dates always: As much as you love her, take her on dates too.
  • Treat her: It doesn’t matter how small, always make sure you treat her as much as you can.

Always put her first: Among every other person, let her be the top priority in your life


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