To Speak or Not to Speak: The Greatest Dilemma!


It becomes the greatest problem in speaking the truth, when a particular person has very deeply connected with bureaucrats or politicians. They may get killed if they do not watch their tongue. Eventually they begin ending up in a tongue-tied situation for speaking.

Time for some action!

The mind and body get frustrated if it is not allowed or denied the freedom of expression or their freedom of speech being curbed by others. Just as anyone’s action maybe of a higher degree than their speech or spoken words, there are alternatives for expressing oneself, especially when one has been a witness to wrongdoings of others.

Being such a witness implies a even higher risk of inviting danger or risk to a certain life. They are not spared even if their work and deeds are selfless and work towards the wellbeing of others. One such example from research works can be of gunga din. Many people have perceived this word in various different styles. They may have taken word to word meaning of this Asian word for their understanding. While others might think it off as a name of a person belonging to the past, who might have contributed to the history of the world.

Kill or Die!

Many incidents have been observed that a person might end up losing their life if they speak or even try to express the truth in public or in front of an audience. It also has been found that many public speakers have been close in losing their lives while expressing themselves in front of a crowd. Such things can be closely related to incidents like that of jfk inaugural address where the speaker eventually turns out to be the enemy of the anti-party or the close rival.

The vice versa can also occur and one can aim to harm others or even kill others trying to express themselves publicly.

Tongue tied and Hands free

Even if a person is refrained from expressing or speaking out in front of an audience, one can resort to writing and express themselves through the written medium rather than that of speech. This also implies to lesser or low risk towards the life of the person expressing their thoughts. But for those who fear to express themselves due to threat to their lives, may feel like ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. They might think that all support gained or provided to them has been lost and nothing has been left or is significant to their life.

Also at times such a feeling might trigger depressive feelings for a certain individual. It becomes more evident that threat to life is majorly connected through freedom of expression or speech even in a secular state or a democracy.

People tend to have misunderstood their rights when it comes to speech and expression and the equality of such a right.

The next dangerous ammunition after weapons is speech or expression. It has been observed in history that a person’s word can change the game or turn the tables in their favor or move the knife against them. It is the game of words and the feeling of brethren or hatred that one shall plan a murder or a conference for the speaker.

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