Tips for Parents to Keep their Child Safe in their Absence


Every parent wants to keep their children safe. Whenever they step out of the house to go to work or run some errands, they are constantly plagued with worries about their kids. Obviously, it is not possible to be with your child 24/7. They go to school in the morning and come back home when you are at work. They are relatively safe at school, but what about the time they spend at home? If you are constantly fretting about your kids, you will not be able to focus on your work. Therefore, you can take some steps to keep your child safe in your absence and this will lessen your concerns, if not eliminate them.

Follow the tips outlined below and ensure your child’s safety:

Outline a safety plan for them

The first thing you need to do is sit down with your child and outline a safety plan for them that should be followed in case of an emergency. Write down all important numbers and put them somewhere your child can easily see. This should include your cell number, office number and contact numbers of other family members and neighbors. Don’t forget to add 911 to the top of the list. You should also ensure there is a neighbor, friend or family member who can check up on the kids if there is an emergency.

Put a First Aid kit

Keep a fully stocked First aid kit and also a flashlight in a place that can be easily accessed by your child. Share the location with them so they can find it when needed.

Lock up dangerous stuff

If your child is going to be at home in your absence, it is a good idea to lock up all dangerous items such as cleaners, chemicals, hand tools, guns and ammunition, power tools, knives, razor blades and other similar objects that can inflict harm.

Hire a babysitter

It is best if you hire someone to look after your kids in your absence. Babysitters are the best solution because your friends and family are also going to be at work and may not be able to keep watch. But, how to find a babysitter? You can take advantage of services such as Sittercity. Sittercity helps parents by connecting them to reliable and trustworthy babysitters right away who can keep watch over children and ensure their safety.

Set some ground rules

You should also set some ground rules for your kids that should be followed when you are not around. For instance, instruct them clearly that they are not allowed to cook, invite friends over or go out without permission. Tell them to keep the windows and doors locked and not open the door to anyone. Establish rules regarding TV and computer time.

Prevent boredom

One more great way for parents to keep their kids safe at home is make sure they have activities they can get involved in as this will keep them out of trouble and also let you be at peace that they are not up to anything dangerous on their own. Sure, they will have homework and chores to finish, but also ensure they can do some fun things or else they might go looking for trouble.

Check in on them hourly

You are a parent and it will be difficult for you to get your kids out of your mind when you know they are at home. You are probably thinking of different scenarios where things could go wrong. One way of giving yourself some peace is to keep checking in on your kids hourly. You can give them a call and talk to everyone to verify that things are going smoothly.

Installing a monitoring system

Yes, this might be quite expensive, but you can think of it as an investment in your child’s safety. You can install cameras around the house and monitor your children remotely from your office. These days, you can find various sophisticated options at very reasonable prices and it will also act as a deterrent for thieves.

Follow these tips and you will be able to do your duty as a parent of keeping your child safe and sound.

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