Scarf Fashion Guide 2019: 6 scarf designs for you to follow


Ladies are really concerned about shopping, especially when it comes to buying clothes. Their choices of purchasing are way different from men, even they are more brand oriented than men. Online stores are filled with female brands which offer outstanding clothes, western, eastern any type of cloth they want can get from online stores very easily. In recent years, there’s been a trend going on wearing a scarf.

There are lots of females who inspired with having a scarf, that they even have different varieties of it. Every scarf matching another with their dress. A scarf is considered as one of the key ingredients, women are really influenced by it. It wasn’t that much at its peak earlier, but the way the manufacturer started to produce outstanding quality and best design printed scarf, which attracts mostly the younger females to buy it.

In 2018, scarves were at its peak since online ladies shopping in Pakistan was in full swing and female scarves had given a new look or can be said new addition in wardrobe. There are lots of scarves available on online shopping stores, providing premium quality with long lasting material. But having the best quality scarf doesn’t fulfill the demand of having scarf, design matters more.

There are some people who prefer having designed scarfs which gives them a special touch to their clothing. But people are not aware of which type of design is better. Most of the people do follow many celebrities who wear a scarf, from their video suggestions they get an idea of it, but then again it’s hard to find such designs because those celebrity ones are specifically made by designers.

Especially in Pakistan is way difficult to have best-designed scarves, people don’t know from where they could actually get those ones, or say if they know the place but doesn’t know which design will suit them surely.

For all the scarf lover females, I am here to reveal the top 6 best-designed scarves. These 6 designs will let know about the scarf designs in an appropriate manner.

6 scarf designs for females

  1. Paloma Wool Gianna Scarf : One of the well-known design from Barcelona, a known as Paloma Wool. Famous for its cozy knits and pastel color palette.
  2. Paloma Wool Lau Scarf: Another version of Paloma’s which is more in comfort, plus cheaper. It’s more stylish.
  3. Destin Cashcot Cotton-Cashmere Scarf: Apart from Paloma, there are various varieties in scarfs, a new trend has emerged in the market. Black and White design scarves. It’s dominating the market with the use of color scheme, which is popular for logo-mania scarves and print. The most interesting, it goes with every form of dressing.
  4. Le Scarf No.1 : Another creativity comes in scarf design, a black and white neckerchief is becoming a new trend. This unique stylish scarf comes under the French brand Le Scarf.
  5. HK Beachwear Off White Carré Bauhaus Muse: Hk Beachwear has been nominated for the best quality silk wear scarf. It’s not just the scarf, its design the real eye-catching thing, which tells a particular story.
  6. Seya Silk Scarf: If you are willing to have a long, silk material comfort scarf, then seya silk scarf is the best thing you can have. French Brand Seya has created an exclusive scarf which is way thin and long which gives a unique touch for those who are taller.

Others are the runner-ups: Henrik Vibskov Scarf, Navy Print Silk Skinny Scarf, and Eileen Fisher Luxe Cashmere Scarf. One thing common you might find in all these designs is that most of them are in black and white. The reason behind is that, black and white combination design suits on every clothing style. For Pakistani women, now it’s way too much easy to purchase because scarfs online shopping in Pakistan and scarfs in Pakistan are available on various online shopping stores.  As mentioned above, scarf quality is important, but for women, the design also plays the main role as well. Above designed brand scarfs are not that much expensive as well. It caters the class, which you will feel once you roll around your neck with such style that will resemble the iconic statement.

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