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If you are someone that loves travelling and exploration, then you’ll be a witness that it can be dangerous. Travelling is very fun if the required precautions are taken and can be dangerous in the opposite state. Thegreentrend has written down different tips on the do’s and don’ts of surviving long trips.

  • Avoid animals: Inasmuch as taking random photos with animals can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Unless you are travelling with your pet puppy or kitten, avoid other animals you might see on the road. Most animals like dogs, cats and even kittens have been known to be bearers of diseases like rabies which are very harmful to the humans. Treating such diseases in a land that isn’t your own will be far more expensive and full of inconveniences.
  • Keep all your valuable items hidden and secured: Robbers are usually on the way looking for what to snatch from travelers. Keep your valuables hidden and separate from the cash that you’ll use for your transportation. It will even be better to lock up any items you are not immediately making use of in your hotel rooms as it will probably be the most secured place around. Other places you can keep your items can be your baggage which should also be kept very secure.
  • Save the emergency numbers in your phone and use them when needed. Be cautious of the fact that 911 doesn’t work in every country, research for the emergency numbers of the country you’ll be visiting and save it. You can save the phone numbers of your own country and also make sure you have a power bank or another power source with you. This is to make sure you have your mobile phones charged always to avoid complications.
  • An emergency car kit is a necessity whether you are using your car for the tour or renting one in the course of the journey. Things you will put there should include a back-up or spare car battery, a first aid box, blankets, different warning signs, a gauge for the tire, packaged non-perishable food, a torchlight, a blanket, a snow shovel where applicable and a bottled water.
  • If you are lodging in a hotel, don’t open the doors for visitors before verifying his or her identity. Some people can claim to be hotel attendants whereas they are robbers.
  • Keep a scanned copy of your passport in your cell phone in case it is required when you are not with the passport. Apart from that, it’ll also be easier for you to get a replacement in a situation that you lose the former one.
  • In the hotel that you are lodging, study the maps and discover the available escape routes in case of emergency situations you can easily make use of any of them.
  • Be cautious of car accidents and choose your ground travel very well. According to the research carried out by the World Health Organization, car accidents and crashes contribute to majority of the deaths of United States travelers abroad. These are very essential tips to follow.
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