Plastic Surgery – Reasons You MUST Plan your Surgery Ahead of Time


The modern age society is always in rush. However, you should never rush into things especially if you aim for great results. The entire procedure may take a lot of time. Start planning your plastic procedure ahead of time. The initial stage of researching and finalizing a good doctor may take 3-4 months. You must also keep a few weeks spare considering the availability of the professional.

Here’s how to plan a plastic surgery so that you have enough time in hand for the consultation, procedure, and healing:

Research Surgeons (1 to 2 Weeks)

Be prepared to spend several weeks to research on the best plastic surgeon. Remember that not all doctors may have expertise within your desired area. You should consider specific experience and areas of specialization of the surgeon. After all, you would not want a rhinoplasty expert to take up the job of breast lift.

Consultation Appointment (5-6 weeks)

Popular and highly reputed surgeons are very busy. So it may take several weeks of time before they give you an appointment. Exercise some patience. It is important to wait if you wish to get benefitted by a detailed consultation with a skilled surgeon.

Surgery Date (5 to 10 weeks)

Reputed board certified plastic surgeons are usually booked for several weeks or months ahead. Make sure the one you choose is highly qualified to perform the procedure you want.

In case, you smoke, you require extra time for preparing yourself. Doctors recommend you to quit smoking at least 6 weeks prior to the procedure. This is because nicotine impairs healing process. This will put your health and final results at risk.

You will have plenty of time between initial consultation and final surgery. You can use this time to:

– Use this Time Period for Arranging the Following:

– Arrange for a designated driver on the day of surgery

– Request time off of work (submit applications and get the leave approved)

– Arrange for childcare (a babysitter or send your child to relatives/neighbors)

– Prepare and freeze easy-to-eat meals

Time to Recover Post Surgery

It takes a few months after surgery to be photo ready. The recovery takes place anywhere around 1-2 weeks. The exact time frame for recovery depends on the procedure you had adopted for. The procedure also defines individual healing rate. Another most important thing to do for recovering faster from a plastic surgery is to follow instructions of surgeon.

Listed below is tentative timelines of what you may expect after the surgery:

Liposuction – In most cases, individuals get back to “normal” in around 3-7 days. In four weeks, you will be back to strenuous exercises. Most women are ready to hit the beach in 3-4 months. For best final results, you must wait for about 6-8 months.

Facelift – In two weeks of time, you will be back to “normal”. For strenuous exercises, you should wait for 4 weeks. For clicking pictures and getting party-ready, it will take about 12 weeks.

Breast Augmentation – It will take around 5-7 days to get back to “normal” and undertake daily tasks such as eating out, desk jobs, driving etc. In 4 weeks, you can get back to strenuous exercise. In three months, you can see the results of the surgery at its best.

Tummy Tuck – You will be back to “normal” in around 2 weeks. Strenuous exercises can be continued in around 6 weeks. Most women get bikini-ready in around 3-4 months.

An Important Tip: Get Your Support Crew Ready in your Timing Plan

Plastic surgery may take some time to heal completely. You need to be very careful during this period. Any negligence may lead to permanent scarring or other issues. So make sure you have people who will cook, drive, wash and do other jobs for you. If you have a baby/kids, plan to send them to your relative’s place or arrange for a babysitter. Check with your support system and know their availability before the surgery.


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