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Family with two children (3 and 9 years) going on vacation, loading luggage into car.

Going on trips is a very interesting thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s a long trip or a short one, it’s very important that you prepare adequately for it. TheGreenTrend have written down some of the things you need to do if you really want your trip to be interesting, safe and memorable. Travelling or going on trips have very good and wonderful benefits that you might not have previously know. We’ll first discuss the benefits of travelling before talking on how to prepare for trips.

Benefits of travelling

. It helps you find purpose: According to Danny Kaye, travelling means taking a journey into you. It is a great investment into your life. As you go to places, you meet different people, lifestyles and cultures than you might have met if you stay in your neighborhood throughout the whole year. You’ll be introduced to new and better ways of seeing the world and a better purpose for living.

. You’ll realize the meaning of your home: As you travel more, you’ll become more experienced and realize that your home is more than just the state, city or town that you grew up. According to Lin Yutang, no living human can realize fully the benefits of travelling until he returns back to his home.

. It’ll help you realize that you know very little of the world: Travelling will help expose you to the outer world, the world beyond your normal neighborhood that you meet and see every day.

. It’ll help show you that the occupants of the world have similar needs: We humans have similar needs, but as a man, you’ll think you are in the position of having the worst needs or your condition is the worst. When you travel more, you’ll discover and realize what you are lacking and what the people in the other sides of the world are in need of.

. Traveling will help you realize how important life is.

. It’ll teach you how to make friends with people of different tribes and cultures.

How to prepare before engaging on a trip

. Put only the necessary items into your suitcase: Remember this saying ‘less is more’. If you pack only the things you basically need for trip, it’ll help reduce the weight of the bag that you are carrying.

. Conduct researches to know more about the place you want to travel to: Go to Google (or any other search engine) and research on the lifestyle, culture, risks, costs and other things about your area of interest.

. Get your passport: In case you plan on leaving your country of origin, you’ll have to go to the embassy and apply for an international passport.

. Prepare your carry on items: Pack your items like earphones, iPods, chargers, journals, books, and others. Also, don’t forget to include some cash in your luggage. Also include a jacket and hat in case of cold.

. Study the language: Try learning the basics of the country’s language. Things like ‘how much is this’, ‘how are you’, ‘good day sir’, ‘hello, I’m Chris (or your name)’, they’ll help you to adapt to the country easily.

. Prepare your mind: Remember you are going to a foreign land; you have to prepare for the good and bad. Sometimes you might be hungry, sometimes you might become angry. Don’t fight on the road or in the area that you visited.  Also, don’t forget to tell your neighbors and friends of your plans.


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