Four Free Platforms To Get Yourself Sales For Your Products


Inasmuch as not every business are selling products, but you must at least be selling services. The green trend has written some things about business and we want to talk about four free platforms that will help you land yourself sales today. There are so many places where you can advertise your products to get more sales, but what if you do not have all the money to invest in advertisements?

Now, there are so many places to advertise your products, both online and offline. The free platforms are also online and offline. You can chose from a wide range but today we are going to see the offline ones. They range from posters to signboards and even more.

  • Posters: Posters sure cost a few bucks to make, but are free to paste, at least, I have never paid to post one. If you are a photographer, have you considered dropping posters in an area where you feel your potential customers would pass? They could be students, so you might target a school or university. You can also target a church or some similar place of gathering and worship. If you make cakes, then you should also target places where you suspect people would need them. You will not be spending a dime on space and if they are neat enough and made with quality material, they might stay fir a very long time on the platform.
  • Signboards: Amazing right? Signboards and signposts cost nothing to place, but they will go a long way in advertising that your fast food, eatery, boutique or any business you run anywhere. You can even make directional signs to make them land in your shop or business centre without any stress. This will serve a great deal because there are people who will need to eat, but they cannot know the food depot and also those who get appetite on seeing a food depot around.
  • T-shirts and other clothing wears: Have you seen people put on clothes given to them by top companies like Amazon, Coca-cola, MTN and the rest of them? They are simply being used to advertise the products. Funny right? That is one of the ways of getting purchases for your products and services. You can give people clothing materials in reward for doing something and they put it on, not knowing that their bodies are acting as advertisement platforms for you. The result, more sells and many more.
  • Car paintings and designs: Drawings on cars pass more messages than any bill boards in the area would. Imagine a car that goes miles a day bearing your restaurant’s ads on the body? They would make a great deal of people know that you exist and you know what that means? More sales of your goods and services are assured. You no longer need to purchase billboards except you have some more cash to spare and you reach more people away. Tricycles are paid to place supermarket’s ads on their vehicles and it is going very well. You should also try this and I assure you of greater benefits.


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