Beware of Teeth Damaging Foods Advised by Pediatric Dentist

Close-up of little girl opening his mouth wide during inspection of oral cavity

As parents, you want that your child gets the best care there is available, whether it is related to his academics or health. But the child’s health is the most important because with good health the child can achieve everything in life. A sick child will not accomplish the goals set for him.

So it is vital that the child’s health is at its best and to do that you need to take care of his oral helth. A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body and a hearty person can complete any task. By searching for pediatric orthodontist near me you can have info about child’s dentist and visit to get further instructions.

Relationship of Food with Child’s Teeth:

Generally speaking, food has a very close relationship with the overall health of your child’s body but especially the teeth are most affected by it. Nutrition and child’s teeth are directly related to each other. Whatever your child eats and drinks it straight away has an influence on the teeth. As many unhealthy habits can damage the teeth but there are ways by which you can revere that.

  1. Brushing teeth twice a day and every day.
  2. Use floss for further cleaning.
  3. Gargle with a mouthwash containing fluoride.
  4. Clean teeth after giving child medicine.
  5. Regular visits to a pediatric dentist.

Healthy Diet for the Teeth:

Besides doing the above-mentioned steps you need to give your child a healthy diet in order to internally keep the teeth strong. Several healthful foods are recommended for the parents so that they can give daily to their children.

Friendly Fruits:

Although there is a variety of food that is beneficial for your child but three fruits are important for the teeth. As the saying goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, as it has iron and fiber that helps in bad breath and fights bacteria. Kiwi is actually a berry which is full of calcium, defending the enamel. Strawberries are a rich source of vitamin C that strengthens the teeth and gums.

Plenty of Water:

Drinking lots of water are good for overall health and if that water contains fluoride then it makes the teeth stronger. Mostly bottled water has fluoride in it but a few of them lack it so make sure that you check before using.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and other are given to the child on daily basis. They have a high quantity of calcium that is essential for the growth of teeth, makes them stronger and eliminate the bacteria that create plaque.

Eat Proteins:

Eggs and meat are a rich source of protein, vitamin D and also calcium. Vitamin D is important to absorb calcium in the bones and teeth.

Snacks with High Fiber:

High fiber foods require excessive chewing so it helps in making the jaws, teeth and gums though. The fibers in these foods scrub the teeth clean of any harmful substances.

Green Vegetables:

All green vegetable contains vitamins, minerals and folic acid which are helpful in developing the teeth and gums of your child.

Seeds and Nuts:

Many acids can remove the tooth enamel but the nuts like; cashew nuts, almonds and peanuts aided by calcium and phosphorous restore the teeth.

All good pediatric dentists around the US will guide you to maintain strong teeth and gums. Pediatric Dentist Tulsa is one of them who are best at what they do.

Teeth Damaging Food to Quit:

A pediatric dentist is one who wants the best for your child’s teeth so whatever he will tell you will be in the best interest of the child. It is crucial that you listen carefully when he tells about the food to avoid because they are bad for your child’s teeth.

Drinks High in Sugar:

The soft drinks, energy and sports drinks have a high quantity of sugar which is the main cause of creating plaque, these then results in decay and cavity of the teeth. They can wear away the protective enamel and can cause a lot of damage.

Juices with lots of Citric Acids:

The grapefruit and lemon are high in citrus acid even juices claiming to be 100% pure have certain sugar to destroy the health of the teeth and gums. But not all fruits with citric acid are harmful.

Starchy Meal:

Pasta, chips and other bread products have carbohydrates that break down to create sugar which result in tooth decay. Starch comes from white flour but you can use whole wheat products.

Candies, Toffees and Chewing gums:

You know how children are, they can eat tons of candies and toffees that can stick in the teeth and cause cavities. Chewing gum with lots of sugar is a source of damaging the teeth rather than helping it.

Coffee and Tea:

The brown stain that is created when you drink tea or coffee is more long-lasting than smoking ones. The caffeine in both is the cause of discolor of the teeth.

By now as parents, you must have known the damages caused by various foods that children very much like to eat and drink. You can further ask pediatric orthodontist near me to help you.


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