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Being a tall guy is good as it comes with many advantages. You can play basketballs, win racing games, jump heights, become every girls crush but it comes with some disadvantages too.

In some cases, tall guys get treated poorly like getting decreased knee room. Tall guys are not usually considered and it’s often not very good. The main goal or aim of dressing as a tall man is not really to hide your height, but to make yourself look more handsome, elegant and attractive. In achieving this goal a little more hard work is required. Remember that mainstream clothes are not designed with you in mind, so you need to be a little more careful in choosing your clothes. Thegreentrend got you covered in the latest and best fashion tips for tall guys and men.

Styles you should do as a tall guy

  1. As a tall man, it is advisable for you to embrace an odd combination. This is good because it’ll help you manage your budget. It’ll help you mix up your suits to suit any kind of fashion you want to wear.
  2. While shopping, go for belts instead of suspenders or braces.
  3. Embrace jeans, they give tall guys formal looks.
  4. Wear fitting pants not over-sized. You actually deserve the most-fitted pants except you are a clown.
  5. Wear the right watches. It is obvious that taller guys have large wrists, so big watches are the best for them.
  6. Know your tailor. You should have a favorite tailor, someone that understands your fashion tastes.
  7. Buy long ties so when knotted, they’ll still be tall.

Fashion Styles you should avoid as a tall guy

  1. Don’t wear striped vertically clothes, especially the bold-striped ones.
  2. Unless when intended to be worn as a three roll-two jackets, don’t wear a single-breasted three-buttoned jacket. Because of the button’s vertical placements, they’ll over-emphasize on your heights and make you look giraffe.
  3. Avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts together. To keep balanced, wear short sleeved shirts with pants or long-sleeved shirts and shorts.
  4. Avoid low-rise pants, instead go for the mid or high rise cuts.
  5. Don’t wear solid colored suits together as a tall guy; instead go for the ones with patterns and textures.
  6. Avoid any clothing that is too short. If you are buying a material for a tailor, buy un-hemmed and extra long pants so your tailor can have enough material to work with.
  7. Avoid matching your belts, shoes, pants and belts. Instead, wear a belt that matches your shoes but has contrasting color from your shoes.

In conclusion, being a tall guy can be fun if you know how to arrange your swag. Tall guys are usually loved by ladies, and have a good number of fitting fashion styles. Have a tailor, love yourself and appear neat always. It doesn’t matter if you go on natives, suits or casual wears. Just use the best accessories like watches to compliment your dressing.

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