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Sometimes, it dressing good as a fat guy appears like a big issue. Having a decent wardrobe is a necessity that every guy must keep to. Thegreentrend has researched and gotten different fashion tips that can make fat guys unique and presentable to the general public.

Being a fat or over weight man doesn’t mean dressing poorly; you can also dress smart and attractive. All you need to do is to follow us to the end of the article, and at the end you’ll see what’s best for you and follow suit.

  • Wear clothes that fit you: It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing of clothes that once fitted you, but putting on clothes that is your present size. Maybe due to a change in diet or exercise, you might have gained or lost some wait within a period of six months and out-grown your clothes. Wears that are too tight are not good looking; they only publicize the fact that you are over-grown.
  • Avoid using loose-fitting clothes to make you lose smaller they’ll only make you look sloppy. Putting on t-shirts that is too big will be too wide in the neck and shoulders thereby making you look bigger.
  • Find and amend clothes that fit the largest part of your body.
  • Dress according to occasion and season: Don’t run from shorts because you’re fat; wear them during summer to avoid rashes. Moreover, dressing odd in different seasons will draw attention towards you thereby making you to feel inferior.
  • Wear clothes that have vertical stripes instead of the horizontal striped clothes. This is because vertical striped clothes actually make you look slimmer while horizontally striped clothes do the opposite. Also avoid contrasting colors and bold patterns.
  • While shopping, include v-necks as a primary need, the shapes of v-necks make your neck to appear longer.
  • Wear pants that are straight legged.
  • Avoid wearing thick fabrics; they add an extra chunk to your body. Sweaters, hoods that have front pouches and cargo trousers are examples of thick fabrics.
  • When buying jackets, go for the ones that suit your body stature.
  • If you are a type of person that sweats a lot, avoid rayon and other synthetic fibers. Also, keep silk and other natural fibers away from your wardrobe during summer.
  • Purchas more of cashmere over the heavy clothing, they’ll help remove the impression that you are over fat from people.
  • Try as much as possible to include belts while dressing. Thick and sturdy belts are preferable especially when you are tucking in your shirt.
  • Purchase wide ties for your work. They fit fat people better than the slim ones.
  • Purchase fedora hats from and put on. They make you look smart.
  • Get a messenger bag (suitcase) if you are fond of carrying big cell-phones or bulky wallets around. But remember, most guys don’t like man’s purse.

Being fat can be fun if you can manage your fashion well. It all requires having the right fashion sense,a n shopping the right way.


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