8 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing


There is something really special and homing to how your house smells. Subconsciously you associate a lot of memories with scent. Whenever you walk into a room it has a special scent. All of us remember how grandma’s house smelled when we went over, right?

Smells of different house are different and distinctive. It can be quite challenging to make your house smell good. That is if you don’t know the basics. If you only know a few things, getting your place to smell nice is quite straightforward.

Here are eight easy ways you can add a special scent to your house.

Make a stove simmer

This is a very simple trick that works on parties as well. It is adopted by quite a few nutritionists as well. All you have to do is simmer some water in a small pot or a saucepan. Next you peel one citrus and add its slices. Add you add herbs like lavender and mint and you are ready. A fresh a long lasting scent is produced. Cost effective and easy.

Create a home jars of scent

Who says you have to buy expensive scents from the market if you want to use it for yourself or to give as a gift to some. Just like we learned how to make a simmering scent above, you can go one step better; pour the simmer in mason. You can add various flavors as well like cinnamon or dried apples. Whatever scent suits you, you can bottle it up and let it run free throughout your house.

Clean your kitchen and wheelie bins

It is not always all creating new things, to go with adding scents, you have to do some maintenance as well. This is especially true for your kitchen bins and / or your wheelie bins. It’s important to clean them out regularly to ensure they’re not full of grime or bits of left over rubbish causing a stink.

Place a lot of candles

This is perhaps the most obvious point, candles will make your home smell nice. But what most people don’t know that placing candles in strategic locations can increase their efficiency. The key is to place candles near clothes and linen. These fabrics absorb the scent. Imagine your linens carrying this incredible aroma all the time. Check out modern unstoppable candles, they have good scents and beautiful designs.

Put outdoor plants inside

The thing about indoor plants is that they clean up the environment of your house. Not to say they look beautiful and smell very nice. They might need a bit of looking after. Experts suggests plants like geraniums, Arabian jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenias, corsage orchids, and Cuban oregano as the most suitable.

Scent your air vents

Get one of those car scent hangings, with a strong beautiful scent. Hanging it to air vent’s metal slats. You will notice a big change. As the air blows through them, a scent will be thrown everywhere. These says some companies make specialize air vent scents, you can check them out too.  

Bake a lot

The scent of warm baked goods is hard to match. Whenever you are having people over or having a party, you should purposely do some baking. Baking will make your house smell amazing.

Use dryer sheets outside the laundry room

If you place some dryer sheets outside the laundry room, you can be sure that your clothes will always come out smelling nice. And this will have an overall effect to your house’s scent Read More At Thegreentrend

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