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When it comes to fashion, confidence and good budget are never doing without. You cannot be good in your outfit if you lack the proper confidence to suit it. You don’t need to have spent a lot of money to come up with something great, just being yourself and dressing the way you love.

There is something about these celebrities we love, admire and always want to copy their dressings, they form most of them themselves. Now look at the tracking suits Tiwa Savage, Beyonce, Omotola, Bisola and so many other celebrities have been putting on, they don’t really look great except on their bodies. They needed great confidence to put on the clothes and now people copy them.

Now, these celebrities, influences and fashion designers you see all around are all on one suit, one style of pants, and one style of gowns and so on. They seem to repeat what others put on and who really cares? They are all stars. TheGreenTrend has noted some things about the fashion stars and how you too can be one, and we hope you get to dress better after this.

Now we will see some of the new fashion trends you should also check out.

What are some of the fashion trends for females?

Ultra Violet: Pantone recently announced that the fashion color for the year 2018 would be Violet. It is a very attractive and enchanting color of purple that comes home with its designs. Violet offers a variety of expressions and is also associated to be royal, maybe that’s why it is really loved. You should be expecting to see this trend everywhere in 2018.

Balloon sleeves: We already were witnesses of this trend in 2017, now balloon sleeves are in 2018 with us. Luxury brands like the Burberry are really doing a lot to aiding its trend now. Most females love it, especially because it adds class to the wearers and makes you look bigger.

Bike shorts: Thanks to the huge dress sense of female celebs like Kim, the bike shorts are a huge comeback. It has been in existence since the 1990s but now designers like Fenti and Nina Renci have refined the whole of it. The Spring runway 2018 is a confirmation to this.

Plastic jackets: Whether you like it or not, plastic jackets have come to stay. The widely loved and adapted brand by celebrities is really worth talking of and I wonder if there is anybody who doesn’t like them.

Disco Flaire: Thanks to our lovely celebrities, our 70s disco flaire are back to stay. Look at the Marc Jacobs and Halpern runways for their endless inspirations. The 70s discos have a lot of them to display.

Primary color blocking: If you’re color blocking in 2018, then you’re in there. Marni, Calvin Klein and similar designers have brought up these styles that we can’t do without them anymore. You just focus on the graphics.

Measured sheer: There were considered as night dresses previously, but now no more. They are now a great trend in fashion.

Tinsel fringe: Whether the neck-to-ankle fringe or something else, it’s still a new trend. Females love designers and we can’t overlook that fact.


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