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Winter is the coldest season of the year in the polar and temperate zones and occurs from June to August in the Southern Hemisphere and from December to February in the Northern Hemisphere. It is caused by the Earth’s axis in that hemisphere being channeled away from the sun.

The winter season is a season that comes with lots of reports on sickness, depression and it requires a lot of safety tips in order to remain healthy and strong during the winter period.

Advantages of winter

  • Mosquitoes disappear during winter seasons, seems like they too suffer from cold.
  • Winter is a season free of mud, everything becomes white and snowy and it’s beautiful.
  • There is a special beauty and silence that appears during winter that is peculiar to the season.
  • Different kinds of indoor games emerge to keep the fun going.
  • The level of competition among real estate business men reduces and if you are into it, getting clients will be easier to you.

Disadvantages of winter

There are many disadvantages of winter which includes psychological problems, health problems and more.

  • Psychological problems caused by winter: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) also known as winter depression is a form of depression that can be caused by cold. Winter season means a season of less sunlight, less vitamin D, extreme cold temperature and a season that makes people feel unhappy.
  • Health problems: Winter is associated with so many health related problems like pneumonia, cough and cold. There are a lot about that on TheGreenTrend.


Tips for staying healthy during winter

  • Stay active: It is usually tempting to stay indoors during the winter instead of going outside to ice skate or play other outdoor games; however there are indoor games that can also help you to stay fit and healthy during the winter. Choose a game that you love and make it priority daily. If you love swimming, you can join a gym to take advantage of the indoor pools, or you can even stay at home and play some good music while practicing new dance moves.
  • Eat healthy: Stick to a healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables may not be available during winter, but you can go for the alternatives. Take citrus fruits, they contain vitamin c. Winter squash and potatoes contain a ton of potassium and folate.
  • Avoid sick colleagues: Depending on your company’s policy, try avoiding co-workers that show signs of coughing, it might be a deadly infection.
  • Stay social: Visit friends and extended families, it’ll help decrease depression and boost your mental health. Remember, people who establish stronger relationships with others live a healthier lifestyle and live longer and happier.
  • Be clean: Beat winter germs, wash your hands regularly before and after eating. Also wash your hands before touching your face. These soaps help you create friction between your hand and germs thereby helping detach germs.
  • Get adequate sleep: Certain habits like excessive alcohol or too much caffeine can affect your sleep during winter periods reduce this habits.
  • Drink: Yes, take adequate water, at least 8 glasses every day. Also include herbal teas in your diet.
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