5 Things Girls Do When They Are In Love | The Green Trend


Love is a very beautiful feeling for everyone. We all fall in love and can’t tell the feelings; neither can another person see them with us. However, the feeling can also make you act weird. It can make you do some silly things an ordinary you shouldn’t do.

There are so many things girls do exclusively when they are in love, and many are fun, many are interesting, but they all are fun. They range from planning some silly weddings, to writing crazy love poems, and even to dedicating the crush’s body parts. It may all sound silly, but that is the truth. All these things actually make love the sweetest feelings ever. Thegreentrend has brought a few of them.

. They talk about you so much on social media: Even the female celebrities and super stars are all guilty of this. When a girl truly loves a guy, she does everything virtually possible to sample him on her social media. She might use him as her profile photo, use him as her cover photo, upload random photos of the guy or even just talk about him. It may look hilarious to the guy but the girl is doing it with reflex. It’s all because you occupy a great part of her heart.

. She will tag you on any love posts: Any jokes and love posts that pass by on her Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram or even Facebook wall, she will like you to see them too. You may not find them funny, but she sure would love you to see them.

. Talk about you to anyone who cares to hear: If you happen to jam her talking with her female friends, you will surely be one of the subjects of the discussion. When girls love you they would like everyone around to know that to. When eventually you break up, she goes about talking to everyone too. It’s a way to cure the stress gathered from love and heartbreak.

. Read about love too much: When girls are in love, they read about love too much. They visit websites that talk about love and purchase books on love. To check this, you can take a little spy on their browsing history. Most girls apart from the normal social network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and online forums like Nairaland and Reddit and so on, they have nothing else to browse. They browse more on dresses, food and cooking guides, hair and other fashion styles and so on. After these, they search on love, especially when they are in love. They browse on movies, and they revolve around love. They browse on songs and all revolve around love.

. They sing love songs and watch love movies: Well, we are all human and have emotions. When you’re in love, you find yourself watching Korean, Indian, Philippines and other dramas that base mostly on love. The females also play and sing love songs mostly. You hear them sing Western songs, Celine Dion, Westlife, Justin Bieber and other popular love longs. It’s controlled by emotions. They are all reflexes.


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