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Most times people go to the gym, jog day and night and do so many other things to stay fit, but have you ever imagined how it will be like to stay fit without any exercises? You do nothing day and night, just follow some simple tips I’ll share below and you watch yourself becoming the shape you ever dream of.

Well, it’s completely possible, TheGreenTrend will teach you how. I’m working out the same way, and it’s working for me. You too can give it a try today and I hope it works for you.

Avoid supper, no matter what it will take you: Immediately I knew I should work out my body, the first step I took was to kick supper out of my diet. It might be very difficult, but it’s a great step. You just try it for some time, and you get used to it. Your tummy will not enjoy it, but the results will be very desirable.

Take grapefruit juice every morning: You should take in grapefruit juice every morning. It is not so sweet, but it’s essential for your life. Grapefruit has been researched and known to help in fitness, but it does work with time. You can’t expect to see the result immediately.

Never skip breakfast: Champions never skip breakfast, so why should you? Always make sure you wake up in the morning and never leave without taking anything. Moreover, skipping it will make you hungrier for the rest of the day. It will also make you take in more food. You should add proteins too to help you stay fuller. Egg whites are a great choice.

Take in no meals after 7pm: I know this might sound a bit difficult, but you should avoid taking in anything after 7pm. They are killers, and I know everyone loves bread and pasta, but we all should avoid them.

Be wise with your consumption of calories: Calories are not so good for your weight, so they’re not the best for you. Avoid them like you’re avoiding an accident. So how do you see my theory? If food goes bad fast, then it’s best for you.

Say goodbye to fast foods and the processed ones: I know how easy it is to consume hamburgers or noodles and so on, but have you imagined their contents? Avoid them to the zenith for your health and fitness.

Minimize your consumption of sweets: Sweets contain calories, and a whole lot of them. They should be avoided to the minimum. In fact, all junks are not so good for you.

Eat tomatoes: As I said earlier, if things perish fast, then they’re the best for you. Tomatoes just like any other vegetables are a great choice for you, so you should take them often.

Drink water often: Water is very good for our health, and should not be neglected. You should take it as often as you take food.

Take your time and eat slowly: Always make sure you don’t rush your meals, this is to make way for proper digestion by the body.

Have enough sleep every night: Never starve yourself sleep, it will show up on your health.


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