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Inasmuch as parents like to pamper their children, we all know that feeding them can be a whole lot of stress. It is very much easier to give them some cheap junks than the real meals they really need. Most parents will prefer giving their children some junks and other low quality food than the real meals they deserve.

These junks do a lot of harm to their bodies, and affect them in later days. It will not let them built their immunity properly and may later affect their brain development, reproductive development, development of the eyes and other essential organs of the body. TheGreenTrend Topic has listed out some meals you should never let your children take.

Apple juices:

Most parents have these feelings that apple juices are healthier than oranges, guavas and so many others, but it’s all a lie. Apple juices contain sugars like others too, and are not so good for their health. Even 100% apple juice is problematic to the health, and not good for the children. You should instead make them take whole apple fruits in order to benefit from the 100% fiber and other nutrients embedded in them.


Research has shown hat until your child is 2 years old; you should never give them honey. There’s a kind of bacteria, known as botulism present in the honey. It is highly fats and it doesn’t matter if the honey is processed, raw or natural, it will be in there. The bodies of adults have the immunity to fight it but not kids.


Consumption of soda has been linked to obesity in children, yet many of them still take it. Parents should avoid these for their children. Aside this, soda also contains calories, which are also not good for the body. Calories are detrimental to the health and should be totally restricted from children.

Boxed macaroni and cheese:

The children do not have enough space in their meals yet to take care of junks, so they should be avoided. Macaroni and cheese are loaded with artificial and preservatives which can condition the kids to crave for more of these junks, and the results are not favorable.

Fruit snacks:

Fruit snacks are nothing but sugar and calories. A lot of them write there that they were made with real fruits, but those claims aren’t so true.

Canned Tuna:

Canned Tuna are a great source of protein, yea, but they too contain a lot of mercury. You should never let your younger ones take them

Granola bars:

Granola bars sure look very healthy, but they are not. They contain very little proteins, and then a lot of sugars.

Sport drinks:

There’s actually no good reason to give your kids sports drinks. They didn’t burn any energy.

Flash fried frozen finger food:

These contain a lot of sodium which are discouraged. It is detrimental to health.

Dipping sauces:

These, including ketchups contain a lot of calories and should be discouraged.

Raw milk:

Raw milk is more nutritious that pasteurized milk, but it is also more prone to disease causing. It shouldn’t be giving to the kids.
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