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We all can agree to the fact that every guys dreams are to make their girlfriends happy, at any cost. We don’t want to lose them because of some carelessness or something we overlooked, neither do we want to have them look outside for happiness.

Thegreentrend has outlined some things which you should consider doing if you need a happy relationship (which we all want) and they are not so difficult. They are a few things, your day to day lifestyle, and your hobbies and show that you care. The things that draw females to you aside money are your charisma.

When they notice that you’re the romantic kind of guy, they will be most likely to come closer to you. We will see some few other things you can do to a female to make you be the special one in her heart:

Listen to her: Males are naturally known to pay less attention to others. What if you stand out by listening to her, paying attention to those little things you feel you should care about and making her know she’s really worth your time? I guess every girl will love a guy for that.

Buy her little gifts: There are those little cookies, clothing and other very affordable gift items you can get her that she will really appreciate. Don’t wait till you can afford diamond rings and earrings, no, start with the affordable.

Get closer to her friends: To make a girl love you more, you need to settle differences with her friends. You need to get closer to people who matter to her life because it’s a step closer to her heart. That will also make her feel more at home when she’s with you.

Show some interests in her own interests: Most girls will like to watch Bollywood and Philippine novellas, why not also put your interests into that? She will find a cord to hold on to you, and that will make you guys even closer than usual.

Take better care of yourself: Most girls like when guys are neat and smelling nice, in fact every girl. Take good care of your body, brush your teeth regularly, comb or brush your hair as you should, apply good perfumes and make sure your clothing are looking as neat as they should. You will also be more confident with her.

Do your share of housework: Don’t let her do everything; you can help with cooking while she does the laundry. It’s all about love.

Plan a trip together: It can be to a park or something of that nature, just make sure you both have enough time to yourselves and catch fun together.

Make good use of your time together: You can find something useful to do with your time like watching a movie or something similar. The more time you’re together, the more you get to love each other better.

Consider the level of commitment: Make her like a priority in your life and appreciate her little efforts.



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