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One of the sweetest things in life is love. Living a single life can be fun, but it makes you feel like you’re really missing something on the other side. It makes you feel like there is actually so much fun on the other side. Inasmuch as there’s much freedom to being single, there’s also a lot of fun to being in a relationship. Thegreentrend has shared a lot of them and we will see them below.

Having a girlfriend is something that gives everyone joy, like you know that you can share your feelings to someone and expect them to share theirs to you. You know that those little gifts will always come your way, no matter how minute. You have someone to confide in and get someone confide in you.

Below are a few tips we have shared which you should consider before getting into as relationship:

You should be ready for a relationship:

This is a question you should answer yourself. Are you comfortable in your own skin already to start adding another burden to yourself? Women like people who are already comfortable with themselves before adding their own burdens to themselves. You should be emotionally, physically and even financially stable already.

You should be confident in yourself:

This is a quality you should get before you say yea to a relationship. Women like people who are not fearful or always nervous, but ready to catch the bull by the horn in all instances.

You should know how to spell well:

You need to be a great gentleman, even though not perfect. No human is perfect. Make her feel like a queen when she’s around you and she will see you like a king. Show her true love and always prove to stand by her.

Be a good listener:

A good boyfriend is also a good listener. You should pay attention to every little detail, even if it doesn’t make sense. Ask a few questions but make sure they make good sense and meanings. Don’t weary her with ambiguous researches especially gong too private. Questions like, are you a virgin can drive her away from you.

You should also be good in flirting:

Flirting will make her know that you’re more interested in a relationship than just friendship. It is what draws the line between them. However, it is also necessary to be careful when doing this as it may make you look like you’re after something even more. Just be romantic, smile often and throw winks at her.

How hilarious are you?

A good gentleman should know how to make her lady smile often. It isn’t hard to do, because most girls laugh so well when with guys. However as much as possible avoid talking rubbish or you bring down your worth before her.

Always respect her:

We all love being respected and should also learn to respect people especially the opposite sex. Avoid mean words and spying questions, they drive people away from you.


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