10 Easy Moving tips for a Hassle free move


From packing all off your belongings to unpack it, moving with all of your belongings isn’t an easy process. By trying some of the smart moving tips and tricks you can make it a little bit easier. While moving towards your next destination you can use some of the smart moving tips and tricks to have a hassle-free move. Best of luck and happy moving!

  1. Find out moving boxes to your nearest recycling drop-off points

Don’t consume over your hard earned money in purchasing cardboard boxes. Instead, look for the free moving boxes of different sizes at your local drop-off points. It might be possible, your neighbors may drop out plenty of cardboard boxes at there. Other places to find moving boxes include Boxes and Bubble, removal boxes UK, direct cardboard Boxes etc.  For more advice to on finding free moving boxes, check here.

  1. Try to reuse your electronic and appliances original boxes

While packing your belongings into boxes and collect it from different sources you’ve to use some of the electronics and appliances original boxes to reuse them. From the TV to microwave, most electronics most of the small items come delivered into the cardboard boxes. If you’ve still these boxes, we recommended you to reuse these boxes for the items for the move. By using these boxes, you can not only save your items from any of the damage as well as save your money.

  1. Acquire quotes from at least three different moving companies

You’ve to hire one company from any of the three. It is highly recommended you to don’t hire to the first moving company you interview. While hiring a removal firm you need to verify that they are properly licensed and insured so that all of your belongings are safe from any of the loose. For more advice on what to ask your movers & packers, you need to check here.

  1. Collect lots of bottles of water while moving

While moving towards your next destination you have the sheer number of tasks, it’s easy to forget the simple things like the fact that you and your movers will need a lot of water and especially in the season of summer. So it is highly recommended to you to bring a pack of bottled water with you at your new house. Your movers will thank you for this great thing.

  1. Before packing take photos of your belongings   

Before hiring the removals firm you’ve to take photos of all of the valuable items. By this step, you can make sure that in case of any damage from your mover while moving you have a proof to show them photos so that they should be responsible for it. By this, you can file a claim and receive compensation.

  1. Choose a mid-week move date

While moving towards your next destination you’ve to choose the mid-week date to save your money. On the weekends there is a high demand on the market and the price will higher undoubtedly. Prices of moving companies and their truck rentals rates tend to be lower Monday to Friday. So this a big opportunity for you to save your money while moving.

  1. You’ve to fully charge your iPad or another iOS device to track your movers

While moving towards your next destination you’ve to handle your long distance move. It Depends on how far you are moving, it could be weak that your belongings delivered to the new house. To keep an eye on your belongings at all the time, try to place an iPad loaded on the truck. By this you can track your belongings all the time as well as keep an eye on the Movers & Packers, this is a great thing for your belongings to save from any of the loose.    


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