Top Quality Hospital Curtain Tracks for Privacy and Patient Care


The medical grade materials in the making of the Hospital Curtain Tracks ensure protection from external noise, light, and other disturbing elements. The manufacturers ensure accuracy in dimension and high quality finishing keeping the surfaces free from dust and dirt accumulation. The lightweight aluminum tracks are supported by the suspension tube, hanger, inner track joiner, wall bracket, suspension swivels, angle brackets, T-joints, curtain removal points, and the cross-over junctions. The entire structure offers complete safety for the patients and medical staffs, while providing plenty of inner space. The curtain holder hooks are designed for maximum strength and flexibility. You can move them conveniently across the entire length and width comfortably.

Hospital Curtain Tracks – Technical Specifications

  • Fabric Materials: The high quality Hospital Curtain Tracks can be used with anti microbial fabrics made from polyester, with a combination of cotton, nylon, and other medical grade fabrics. The main features of the fabric are water resistance, mold resistance, dust proof, and anti static properties. The tracks can hold long and short curtains with heavy fabric weight.
  • Curtain Hook: The typical Hospital Curtain Tracks hook is supported by twin wheels for easy movement along the length. The preferred material for the wheel is medical grade plastic since it can easily slide. Axle length of the hook needs to be sufficient to allow easy suspension.
  • Inner Track Joiner: Made of high quality aluminum, the inner track joiner is anodized for maximum strength. It is aptly supported by the outer and right angled track joiners to ensure smooth movement of the hook-wheels.
  • Wall Brackets: The wall brackets generally have a projection of 3” or more. They can be mounted easily on the walls at convenient height and tightened using rust proof screws. You need to consider the average distance between two consecutive wall brackets to avoid sagging or warping of the Hospital Curtain Tracks.
  • T-Joints: The T joints are the junctions between two tracks. They are designed to allow the hook wheels to traverse straight and curved paths. They are typically used around the bed corners, with extra suspension points. The T-joints can also be sued for extending the Hospital Curtain Tracks length and width.
  • Curtain Removal Points: The curtain removal points are to be typically fitted into every track. It works using the pres slide mechanism. You can remove the entire curtain along with the hooks. They are efficiently designed to make the removal easy and fast.
  • Cross-Over joints: The cross-over joints are useful for the proper locking of the various sections in the Hospital Curtain Tracks.
  • Powder Coating: The powder coating on the tracks during the time of extrusion ensures long term antibacterial properties retention, rust proof.
  • Aesthetics: The aluminum Hospital Curtain Tracks are attractive in design and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the interiors.

Hospital Curtain Tracks – Functionality

The functionality of the Hospital Curtain Tracks is based on its efficient design and mounting methods. You can create private spaces within any size room within a few minutes. The simplicity with which you can mount and dismount the Tracks makes it highly recommended for the patients.

  • Line of Bed:  The best functional feature of the tracks will be put to test when they cross the line of bed. A common track is used to cover all the beds in a row, while the vertical tracks are used to cover individual beds from each other.
  • Spare Tracks: You can use the Hospital Curtain Tracks to create spare columns that get extended beyond the existing physical layout. Hence, you can opt for fixing the tracks directly to the ceiling. This design ensures maximum space saving while allocating extra room within every temporary cubicle.
  • Load Bearing: The load bearing capacity of the tracks vary from 44 lbs to 80 lbs across a specific cubicle.
  • Clearance Parameters: The clearance distance between the tracks and the curtain hooks depends on the length of the hooks and their suspension angle. Most of the standard hooks are straight and hence they have an optimum clearance.
  • Motorized Systems: The modern track work on motorized systems using external power supplies. They can draw power from the 110V to 120V standard supplies. The glider systems are located at key points within the tracks to enable smooth and frictionless movements.
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